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Top-Notch Golf Training

Through Ingrid Gallo Golf, Ingrid offers top-of-the-line golf training lessons from everyone from beginners to pros. Whether you're just learning how to play or you want to work on your swing, Ingrid is prepared to help. She offers your choice of private, semi-private, or group classes for up to 12 students. Ingrid takes considerable pride in her flexible teaching methods that are designed to determine your individual strengths and weaknesses so they can be fully improved upon.

Her lessons are personalized to every individual and always built upon an encouraging environment. Ingrid regularly provides classes at the Hollydale Golf Course. Each class runs for approximately 30 minutes to an hour. All fees are paid prior to the lesson, at the same time that a lesson plan is first determined. Contact Ingrid today to schedule your class with a deeply knowledgeable golf teacher.

Golf Course

Private and Semi-Private Lesson Rates

Adult Private
One-hour: $80 | Half-hour: $55

Adult Private Summer Packages
(3) One-hour: $225
(3) Half-Hour: $160
(4) Half-Hour: $200

Adult 2-Person Semi-Private
One-hour: $100 ($50 per person)

Adult 2-Person Semi-Private Summer Packages
Package of (3): $270
Package of (4): $350

Adult 3-4 Person Semi-Private
One-hour: $120 | 90-minutes: $150

Super Senior Private (Age 72 and Up)
Half-hour Lesson Special: $45

Junior Private
One-hour: $65 | Half-hour: $40

Junior Summer Packages
(4) One-hour: $200

Junior Semi-Private One-Hour Lessons
Junior 2-Person: $70 ($35 each)
Junior 3-5 Person: $90 ($30, $22.50, or $18 each)